Quality new mouldings from Larson-Juhl UK

For all your framing requirements, Larson-Juhl UK are the company for you. With over 3,000 different picture frame mouldings available, you can have your art framed in a wide range of styles and finishes. 

This winter they have added a few new designs to their range for you to consider on your next project.

Touchwood Collection

These mouldings provide a natural veneered finish in wenge, walnut, oak, maple and beech. Having a real veneer makes the frames so much lighter than solid wood making this collection a more affordable and unique option.

The collection is split into four ranges; Art – comprised of simple, everyday mouldings, Interiors – cutting edge profiles designed to appeal to interior designers, Floats/Spacers – float mouldings and spacers for canvases and Unique – an unusual and original mix of veneers and finishes.touchwood unique-frame-1

Eiffel Collection by Larson Juhl

This collections gets its name from the famous Parisian landmark, and the metallic finishes resemble the wrought iron used in the construction of the tower.

In four shimmering shades – silver, pewter, gold and bronze – the range is available in three different profile widths and has a lattice like texture that also mimics the towers pattern.EIFFEL-Framed-image webThe Finesse Range

The Finesse range has a simple profile featuring an oak back that will suit all types of artwork. Offering a deep flat profile, the Finesse range is available in four colours – black, white, light grey and mid grey.

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