Revitalisation of Japan House London with KI

KI have revitalised Japan House London with their exquisite chairs, providing a perfect addition to the multifunctional space and library. Japan House London looks to showcase the best of what Japan has to offer beyond stereotypes. Inside, visitors can find a restaurant, auditorium, library, retail space, temporary exhibition gallery and events facilities. 

Design Insider gets a special look into the BCFA member’s involvement in what appears to be a truly astounding project, using their Opt4 stacking chairs.

Design Insider KI Japan House Chairs

“The Opt4 chairs have a clean, elegant profile which works perfectly in our space. Being so light and easy to move around, their flexibility really comes in handy during our events. They are comfortable, too – particularly important for our guests during events that require longer seated periods.” – Shane Delaney, Operations Manager, Japan House London.

Opened on 22 June 2018, Japan House London provides visitors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Japan’s rich culture, art, design, cuisine and technology. Spread over three floors of a revitalised art deco building on London’s Kensington High Street, the new location joins Japan Houses in Los Angeles and Sao Paolo as part of a global initiative led by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Design Insider KI Japan House People
From architecture to floral design, gastronomy to performing arts – Japan House London’s vibrant calendar of events and activities are complemented by the crisp, minimalist and monochromatic interiors. The perfect backdrop for magnificent ceramics, bonsai and performers alike, almost every aspect of Japan House London has been sourced from across Japan.

This is why KI’s Opt4 high density stacking chairs were the perfect addition to the facility’s multifunctional space and library. Designed by Taku Kumazawa and made in Japan from 85-100% recycled materials, these elegant chairs are comfortable and very light, weighing just 4.5kg each. This makes them easy to move around, link together in rows, and stack when not in use – ideal for additional seating in the lower ground floor’s auditorium space.

Design Insider KI Japan House The Hall

Founded in 1941, KI (Krueger International, Inc.), has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most respected independent furniture manufacturing groups. Bringing together good design, advanced engineering and sustainable resources, KI’s products are durable, flexible and also offer excellent value. Why not contact them, should you think their products are suitable?

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