Revivalist’s revival of Sir John Borlaise Warren

BCFA member Revivalist has recently undertaken a refurbishment of Sir John Borlaise Warren – a pub that Lincoln Green Brewery recently took ownership over. Revivalist helped style each of the brewery’s five pubs with a unique but unusual collection of vintage furniture, new chairs, lighting and bric-a-brac – a “proper pub” with personality.

Revivalist is a specialist company in sourcing and producing vintage, reclaimed and up-cycled furniture and accessories, also offering bespoke upholstery, metalwork and paint finishes. They are well read in how to use vintage items in interior design, working mainly within the leisure industry: hotels, bars, restaurants and major pub multiples. Today we will bring an insight in to two of the five pubs: Sir John Borlase Warren and The Brickyard.

“You know when you’ve entered a proper pub. It’s a sense, not a blueprint and it differs from location to location because it reflects both the needs of its regulars and the personality of its owner.” – Lincoln BreweryDesignInsiderRevivalistBreweryLogoSir John Borlase Warren

There are several separate rooms each decorated tastefully with plush seating and a mixture of tables, armchairs and sofas. It was voted one the best pubs in the country by the Independent and extended as part of the 2018 refurbishment.



The Brickyard

The former Eastern European Social Club in Carlton was transformed into a pub, styled by Revivalist.



Revivalist’s stock is updated weekly, with a 30,000 square foot warehouse packed with stylish and unusual items. A small selection is available on their website, however should you get in touch or visit their warehouse in South Yorkshire, we are sure you will find what you require.

If you like the look of Revivalist’s vintage projects, and wish to get in touch, you can contact Revivalist for more information. Last year we wrote on Robin Hood & Little John Stables, which Revivalist also furbished for Lincoln Green Brewery . Revivalist also responded to our question sent to BCFA members “What is the future of the hotel?” Do you agree with their statement?

Contact Revivalist

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