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Robert Angell was approached to design the new guest rooms at the iconic One Aldwych Hotel in London. This was the first time the hotel has undergone any updates since its opening twenty years ago, so this was a very exciting opportunity to bring about change and design new guestrooms which reflect our experiences and ways which we travel today. Our expectations are far higher and the competition is far greater than ever and therefore its more important than ever to reflect this in the way we approach and design its guest rooms.

There are few hotels in London which have an amazing location such as One Aldwych, and also to completely stand free of other buildings with a complete 360 degree aspect to its rooms. Each room gives equally amazing views across London, making it truly individual and iconic.

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One Aldwych are pioneers in the hotel industry, being one of only six hotels worldwide and the first in the United Kingdom to gain accreditation for considered responsibility to the Environment. One Aldwych have fully embraced sustainable tourism and work hard to reduce the hotels carbon footprint – the interior design will echo these efforts in terms of Pioneering ideas & a responsibility to the environment.

The architecture of One Aldwych was ambitious in its day & emulated some of best work of Parisian luxury style. A seamless blend of Edwardian grandeur and Parisian elegance, the Victorian era in London was revolutionary in terms of architecture, showing the rest of the world that Britain led the way in all that was new.

So much has changed in design since the hotel first opened twenty years ago, design is more prolific and ever changing more so now than in its history – technology has made this happen along with peoples insatiable appetite for change and newness. Guests no longer expect just a home from home as everyone is now so design savvy.

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It seems only right that the design continues to be forward thinking & prestigious, respecting & learning from the buildings past whilst looking forward. The generation of today want experiences over material possessions, spending money on luxury or lifestyle is deemed more valuable – we are more cultured & socially aware than ever before. This concept is designed with the beliefs of today in mind.

Robert Angell’s approach was to reflect the Britishness in which One Aldwychโ€™s style was born out of, and they engaged a number of British manufacturers to supply the finishes, Furniture and lighting for the guest rooms all of which has been designed specifically by Robert Angell.

A wide collection of BCFA members contributed to this masterpiece: Ben Whistler provided all of the furniture, Chelsom the lighting, Rugs by Brintons, fabrics from Chella distributed by Fameed Khalique and Crest Leathers who participated in the fabric. Other suppliers included Jude Cassidy for their handmade fabrics, Studio Art Leathers and Zimmer and Rohde for their fabrics and Sheers from Lizzo.

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The Guest rooms evoke a sense of luxury as soon as you enter into the timber panelled entrance hall. Floors with inlay rugs and soft warm lighting give a residential vibe that welcomes you and allows you to relax it its surroundings, basking at the painted panelled walls with stunning art and soft linen drapes. A bespoke dressing table and separate dining table allow the guests to both work and get ready to play with every attention to detail. A full height sculptural feature library with white marble fins and lacquered shelves all beautifully lit make the guest room just more than a simple bedroom but a small apartment with every whim designed for.  

Robert Angell is confident that One Aldwych will once again set the benchmark in forward thinking hotel design and will be the envy of other hotels both globally and locally.

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