SilicaStone by Panaz is a 100% recycled alternative to quarried stone

BCFA member Panaz, are usually known for their contract fabrics but they have recently launched the SilicaStone, a 100% recycled alternative to quarried stone for wall-cladding and solid surfaces.

Innovative and sustainable, SilicaStone was recently awarded inaugural holder of the 2D Design Guild Mark from the Furniture Maker’s Company, as well as the Jonathan Hindle Prize.

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Designed, developed and produced in Lancashire, SilicaStone is created entirely from locally-sourced industrial ceramic debris and refuse glass. The absence of chemicals or resins in its production renders it heat & fire retardant, UV stable and resilient to fading and completely recyclable.

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Complimenting the ethical benefits SilicaStone provides, the production process allows for a much greater scope of colours, textures, finishes and designs than quarried stone.

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Three standard profiles are offered, Strata, Incline and Weave, in three finishes, Textured, Honed and Glazed, and a wide range of colours to select from. Moreover, the creative team at Panaz can design an immense spectrum of bespoke and custom styles to fit a brief, whether for walls or solid surfaces.

Panaz will be showcasing SilicaStone at this September’s designjunction event, as a part of the 2018 London Design Festival. You can visit them at Stand F11 Doon Street on 20-23 September.

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With over 30 years experience as a Global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, FR contract fabrics, Panaz is delighted to expand their offering.

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