SitStand Desk to promote wellbeing by Lee and Plumpton

We all know that to make a difference to our general health and wellbeing we need to keep moving. With a sit stand desk even 10 minutes of standing will bring benefits to your day, but aiming for 20-30 minutes in every hour is a great target to reach.

Lee and Plumpton, who are BCFA members, have designed a comprehensive sit stand range including electric and manual, single and back to back desks has been launched in the Lee and Plumpton Autumn Furniture collection.  

Design Insider Lee and Plumpton InMotion

“Improved wellbeing will lead to increased focus, reduced absence, and therefore increased productivity. It also makes our workplaces happier places to be!” – Teena Vallerine, Marketing Manager.

Varying your posture can increase blood circulation leading to improvements in concentration and productivity. The whole range now has consistent styling, with metal in silver or L&P white. The improved manual version now has a front crank handle making it adaptable and space efficient. 

Lee and Plumpton have released both manual and automatic bench systems as they are aware of the variety of circumstances in office infrastructure, such as no available power point. Further to this, their new InMotion manual has a front mounted retractable lever to ensure the desk can fit into any space.

Design Insider Lee and Plumpton SLED

Alongside the company’s InMotion sit-stand desks they have also extended their popular Sled range. This simple industrial style range of table and bench, now includes a NEW tall table for breakout areas and standing meetings. Perfect paired with Lee and Plumpton tall stools, the Sled tall table offers the opportunity to create multilevel working or dining environments.

It’s not about whether you sit or stand, it’s all about being InMotion.

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