Sketch Series: Rosanna Campbell

This month’s Sketch Series on Design Insider celebrates the work of Newmor’s recent product launch: the Seminato. We spoke with Rosanna Campbell, Head of Product and Creative Development, who discusses the company and design process.

Design Insider Newmor Rose Sketching SeminatoPlease tell us about your company?

“We specialise is commercial quality, wide width fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings. We have a vast range of stocked designs, designer collections and we also supply custom printed wallcoverings, including textures, metallics and window films.

We’re a family run company and all of our products are designed and manufactured in Wales. We have offices in the UK, Poland, Germany and Dubai, further supported by an international distributor network operating in over 80m countries worldwide.”

Design Insider Newmor Seminato sketch

What was the design process behind the product are you sketching?

“Seminato  was inspired by the understated elegance of terrazzo. We wanted to capture the twinkling quartz but also create a timeless design staple. This was achieved by using soft geometric forms and a versatile texture which enhances the relationship between matte and shine.”

Design Insider Newmor Seminato Studio

Which part of the design process did you enjoy the most? Why?

“My favourite part of the process is when the design gets to the sample stage. It’s really exciting seeing it come to life and experimenting with colour, metallic pigments and embosses. We have a wonderful sample department who use a mini embosser to produce samples that reflect as closely as possible what we will achieve in production.”

Design Insider Newmor Seminato

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Seminato – An elegant take on the terrazzo trend, soft mineral tones and a flecked metallic print. Seminato is supplied on 130cm wide by 30m rolls.

Design Insider Newmor Seminato Material

The substrate is 100% woven cotton. It contains active Fungicide for bacteria resistance, and resistant to temporary staining of oils, fats, mild acids and alkilis.

Design Insider Newmor Seminato Lighter

Seminato also conforms to the requirements of BSEN15102, BSEN259 and WA- Quality Standard W-101.

This BCFA member believes texture, colour and pattern is what they do best, with your options being endless. If you would like to read more about their latest releases, you can read the Design Insider product focus.

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