SONAR by Laufen

Launched in the UK in March 2018, the innovative new SONAR collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is the latest range from Swiss bathroom specialists Laufen

The unique and innovative new SONAR range includes thoughtfully and elegantly designed wall-hung washbasins, washbasin bowls and bathtub. Patricia Urquiola has taken SaphirKeramik further than ever to create a new world, pushing the boundaries of design.


Back in 2013 Laufen launched SaphirKeramik, a revolutionary high-tech ceramic material with unprecedented performance properties, allowing for the creation of wafer-thin, but exceptionally robust walls, finely-defined curves and tight-edge radii of just 1 to 2mm. Now in the third generation of SaphirKeramik, the products are even more daring and innovative.

Patricia Urquiola was tasked with interpreting and exploiting the remarkable characteristics of this high-tech ceramic material, approaching it in terms of decor as well as form and function. The traditionally smooth and continuous outer surfaces of washstands and bathtubs now take on a three-dimensional aspect, while conserving the particularly slender lines of SaphirKeramik.

Contrast, balance, elegance: with the SONAR concept Patricia Urquiola manages to combine two powerful and widely separated matrices of inspiration: the rigour of architectural minimalism as an expression of purity and formal understatement, and the energy and dynamism connected with the natural phenomenon of sound waves and their relationship with water.


“I was attracted to the expression of purity and sober forms of architectural minimalism, as well as the contrasting natural phenomena of sound waves and their relationship with water. The contrast and balance of these two elements created an interesting design juxtaposition, and I was greatly inspired by this intersection.” – Patricia Urquiola

Laufen’s innovative new SONAR collection encompasses the progression of bathroom design perfectly.

Patricia Urquiola has created an inspirational new world that pushes the boundaries of modern day sanitary ware, excelling in the art of expression and dynamism. The functional yet sophisticated designs are unique thanks to the dialogue between elementary forms that interplay harmoniously in a balance of angles and curves. The use of inclined planes, metric cuts, and small internal slopes represent the functional expedients that underline the drain, with a new way to conceive basins and bathtub, with creative ingenuity and style.

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