Style Library Contract – Trend Report 2018

Style Library Contract have picked out their predicted trends for 2018, taking inspiration from the old BUT still embracing the new…

Style Library Contract (SLC) is the home of 7 different brands, and with that comes the need to understand a broad range of styles, tastes and trends. They use their expertise here to tell us about what they think will be the biggest influences of 2018.

The first trend we will look at is MAXIMALISM, one we have touched on already here at Design Insider, but it cant be missed. Literally.Harlequin_2018_Zapara_32_Bavero_Coral_ER  webThis trend is one that screams confidence and is all about being bold and brave, something we should all think about doing. The MAXIMALIST trend is one that can be used in conjunction with other trends, and it’s this overlap that makes this one such a statement and so eye-catching.

The second trend SLC have uncovered is REVIVAL. Art Deco design has seen something of a revival in recent years. But nothing epitomises the decadent spirit of the 1920s better than the new Zoffany launch, The Muse. Encapsulating the sophistication and decadence of this exuberant era, The Muse combines modernist style with fine craftsmanship and rich materials.

“The Muse collection was created with refined extravagance at its heart and a sense of adventure and decadence running through its designs[…]The striking designs, opulent in both colour and texture, are bold and captivating, beguiling and sensual.” – Peter Gomez, Head of Design for Zoffany 

Zoffany2017_TheMuse_WPConway_Main_ER webThe third trend we are going to look at is NOMADIC which has come about from SLC’s passion to seek new inspirations and this time they have looked to travelling through South America.

Harlequin’s Zapara is an eclectic, fashion-inspired range of fabrics and wallcoverings, which takes its name from an indigenous people native to the Amazon rainforest along the border of Ecuador and Peru. The collection exudes the energy of a tropical setting whilst highlighting the delicate nature of forest flora and fauna, showcasing sophisticated and dramatic depictions of exotic flora and tropical fauna.Harlequin_2018_Zapara_49_Artwork_Amaryllis_ER webIn contrast, Scion launches Nuevo wallpaper and fabrics inspired by South American urban festival vibes and cool, contemporary textures. An eclectic range of vibrant fabrics and wallpapers, heavily influenced by Mexican and South American designs, Nuevo’s graphic, interlocking geometrics and flat-colour motifs reflect the move towards an ‘urban tribe’ trend.

The final trend is HAVEN inspired by coastal hotel retreats, and the escape of stresses to contemplate the horizon meeting the shore.

Sanderson’s Embleton Bay collection captures the essence of peace and serenity found at the ocean’s edge and embodies the effortless harmony of nature found along the vast and varied coastline of the British Isles. Accurate depictions of wading birds, speckled eggs, dune hares, dragonflies and puffins sit beside woven textures inspired by receding shores, the half-light of sea mists and fine grains of sand.Sanderson_2018_EmbletonBay_Sea Houses_30 webContact Style Library Contract

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