THDP Unveils 2024 Redesign for Hilton Milan

With over 100 years of rich legacy, Hilton stands as a global hospitality leader, boasting 19 world-class brands across more than 7,100 properties in 123 countries. Renowned for its commitment to innovation, guest experience, and sustainability, Hilton’s expansive portfolio showcases its excellence in the industry.

Complementing this is THDP, an esteemed architecture and interior design studio co-founded by Nicholas J Hickson and Manuela Mannino. THDP has carved a niche in the industry with its unique blend of Italian design quality and English precision, coupled with an adaptive, collaborative approach in bespoke hotel and residential projects globally.

THDP Co-Founders Nicholas J Hickson and Manuela Mannino

The synergy between Hilton’s hospitality prowess and THDP’s innovative design vision heralds an ideal partnership for redefining luxury spaces. Design Insider is excited to share insights into this dynamic collaboration, focusing on their upcoming project – the redesign of Hilton Milan.

Hilton Milan, design for the executive guest room

After 8 years since the last renovation, Hilton Milan is reinventing itself, undergoing a transformation starting from January. THDP draws inspiration from the green soul of the nearby Isola district and its future projects, such as Palazzo Sistema, inspired by the principles of biophilic architecture – a philosophy emphasizing harmony between humans and nature.

The concept of biophilia and a love for nature will be the foundation of the Milanese hotel’s renovation: both the rooms and front-of-house spaces at the new Hilton Milan will reflect the green elements of Milan, both inside and outside the hotel.

Hilton Milan, design for the executive guest room

Interiors will be crafted using materials, furnishings, and finishes inspired by the colors of nature, with special attention to natural lighting. The use of plants and natural elements as decorative elements will add an elegant and fresh touch to the environment, promoting the well-being of guests.

The renovation will proceed in stages, commencing at the beginning of the new year with the refurbishment of the 155 rooms in the west wing, ready for the September Fashion Week, along with the terrace. The latter will undergo a significant redesign, transforming it into a versatile and modifiable indoor space, perfect for year-round events starting from April.

In September, the renovation of the 165 rooms in the east wing, suites, and the Executive Lounge will begin. Additionally, in the fall of 2024, the current Pacific Restaurant will undergo a renewal.

Hilton Milan, design for the guest bathroom

“It is an honor for us to return to the Hilton Milan project on Via Galvani, after receiving the London Design Award for Best Lobby in 2017. Milan is a place close to our hearts. The entire renovation is inspired by our love for Italian design, considered special for its emphasis on elegance, innovation, and craftsmanship,” explains Nicholas J Hickson, co-founder of THDP and head of the project. “Uniting traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality, creating spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also practical, has always been our goal. We pay great attention to high-quality materials and details, producing timeless spaces and pieces that stand out for sophistication and style. Furthermore, Italy’s rich cultural heritage and its historical influence on art and architecture contribute to the unique design aesthetic that guests will find in the hotel.”

Hilton Milan, design for the executive guest room

Specifically, the rooms will undergo a complete overhaul of both the sleeping and living areas and the bathroom, along with an upgrade of facilities. The new rooms will feature a classic style expertly blended with contemporary Italian design, incorporating details in marble, wood panels, and soft lighting for an intimate atmosphere and a sense of absolute comfort.


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