The frame makes all the difference…

The Art selected for any space is so important, but why go to all the trouble of choosing the right work, if you hang it with no thought about the framing. 

Arqadia have recently launched 3 new products as part of their winter collection, dedicated to providing a fantastic range of quality and well-designed mouldings.

CarbonCarbon web

In Japanese culture there is an ancient technique of preserving wood known as ‘Yakisugi’, which is when the wood is charred by fire. Carbon is a new product that has been inspired by this technique.

This moulding is perfect for modern, contemporary, or traditional styles it has a rich, “Midnight” finish, with a heavy texture and foiled finish – a robust, charred aesthetic.



SableSable web

Recent interior design trends have seen a real move towards the authentic, with natural materials and textures shining through. The popularity of wood in particular is key to unlocking this look.

Featuring real wood veneer, the rich depth of colour in the new Sable collection will enhance any artwork.

AnjouAnjou web

While echoing the current trend for metallic and using a lustrous foil finish, Arqadia’s new Anjou collection features a simple, elegant, classic, soft scoop profile that will complement any piece for years to come.

Suitable for all types of artwork and featuring a black back, Anjou is available in four different foil finishes – black, gold, silver and champagne.




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