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Decca Home proudly introduces The London Collection designed by Robbie Llewellyn of Bert Frank, a British, award-winning, luxury lighting brand. The collaboration between Bert Frank and Decca began with five furniture pieces designed and produced for a Bert Frank presentation at Maison et Objet 2016. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response in Paris and experiencing Decca’s manufacturing expertise first hand, Robbie Llewellyn agreed to expand the breadth of his initial furniture designs resulting in The London Collection.

City Chairs 7x5

Robbie Llewellyn is a bright new star in the London design scene and the co-founder of Bert Frank, a British, award-winning, luxury lighting brand founded in 2013 by Robbie and metalwork factory owner, Adam Yeats. Drawing influence from the design codes of the industrial era, but with a modern twist, the company has quickly established a presence on the international design scene. Bert Frank won the Elle Decoration British Design Award for Lighting 2016 and the Best Product Award at Design et al International Design Awards

In addition, Decca invited Margo Selby, a British woven textile company, to create bespoke fabric design exclusively for The London Collection. The linear abstract design reflects a traditional, mid-century style with a modern twist. Margo’s design philosophy is focused on pushing the boundaries of weaving, creating contemporary stylish fabrics for upholstery, carpets, rugs and accessories.

We spoke to both Robbie Llewellyn (RL) and Margo Selby (MS) to find out more about The London Collection:

Which material used within The London Collection did you enjoy working with the most?

RL: Being able to combine the deep timber tones with the brass highlights is always a joy and brings the best out of both materials and the addition of marble in the collection seemed to take it to another level.

MS: I enjoyed working on the textile part of the Gull Wing sofa, in particular it’s been very satisfy to develop this new quality of fabric which resembles needle point with an embellished surface whilst meeting high contract standards.

City Chair 7x5

What is the most innovative aspect of The London Collection?

MS: In the collaboration on the Gull Wing sofa I found myself breaking the boundaries of my normal approach to upholstery. I enjoyed treating the piece of furniture like a canvas, creating a single abstract colour study in geometric form across the piece.

Gull Wing Multi 7x5

What is the most enjoyable aspect of working on a collaborative brief?

RL: Working with Decca is a joy due to the fact that they are open to all possibilities and have the skill and facilities to produce your designs without restrictions.

MS: Collaborating is an opportunity to combine expertise, using Burt Frank’s product design, Decca’s furniture making skills and my understanding of woven cloth.

Hoxton Bar Cabinet 7x5

How have you interpreted your design ethos within The London Collection?

RL: Much like our lighting designs, the inspiration and style ethos stems from our love of mid-century era, these same lines can be seen throughout our lighting range so it was very much an extension of that.

MS: The Assembly fabric brings together all the aspects of my design ethos, a rich and striking colour palette, graphic pattern and a sophisticated woven quality.

Sofa 7x5

Of the 5 initial designs to be launched at Decorex which design is your personal favourite?

RL: The City Gull Wing Sofa was the first piece in the series and the piece that set the tone for the rest of the collection so this will always be my favourite.

MS: My favourite piece in the collection is the Gull Wing sofa, as I have been very proud to be a part of the collaboration on this piece.

Gull Wing Green 7x5

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