The making of HEX, Intarcdesign’s collaborative creation

Intarcdesign have created product HEX, developed after a well-received prototype was installed for a financial investment bank in London. This project was created in collaboration with many manufacturers, which included a variety of BCFA members, with a target market of agile offices and public spaces.


Innovation Room

Based upon a hexagon theme, the development idea was for an unorthodox office space for creativity, a space to gather inspiration, and a collaborative space for innovation. The bold theme gives the space a refreshing atmosphere and is a distinct contrast against the rest of the office. The hexagonal carpet tiles blend into the existing flooring and carries two colour schemes that create separate office zones: lime green and blue.


The lime green zone consist of a high back sofa, a cluster of semi bespoke tables and stools, a large meeting room table and a bespoke media wall made up of bulletin boards, magnetic boards and a dry erase wall. A bespoke semi-transparent polycarbonate sliding wall divides the lime green zone from the blue zone.

The blue zone consists of a bespoke hex unit which serves as room divider and storage unit for stools. Laptop tables accompanies the hex unit, and two tall benches and high stools serve as working and meeting spaces for employees.DesignInsiderIntarcDesignInnovationZonesThe prototype was very well received, but as with any design, improvements can be done and ideas can be developed further. The development of the new HEX took approximately four weeks to complete and another six to be priced up and put on the market.  Intarcdesign worked closely with manufacturers to create the innovation room: Grassland, Frovi, Verco, Forbo, JP de Rocco Associates, Trac, Interior Import and Laura Marie Linck Photography. They also worked with BCFA members Shaw Contract and Orangebox.


The HEX products range from a contemporary HEX stool to a fully enclosed room divider. The furniture is a bespoke item based upon fixed geometric modules, with the shell and inserts tailored to meet your needs. Adjustable swivel tables, shelves, drawers, planters and acoustic inserts are available to buy as single insert components. Add-ons such as power supplies, stool handles, large planter tops and glass tops are all available within the collection.DesignInsiderIntarcDesignHEXSketchThe stool is fully upholstered with foam padding on top and thin wadding on the sides and bottom. As the HEX modular unit is an open shell construction it’s important that the bottom of the stool carries the same visual qualities as the seat. The same design aesthetic is applied to tables, drawers and inserts.

The inserts have round gripping holes for easy pull out, and each insert has different amount of holes to represent various functions. The table has gripping holes all around the centre, a full drawer has five gripping holes, half a drawer has three and a planter or storage insert has only one.  As the product is built on a modular system, it adapts easily to any commercial environment and office landscapes.DesignInsiderIntarcDesignHEXUnit

What’s more is that your HEX can be completely bespoke – unique to your specifications, complement your existing interior design, different sizes, shapes, materials and colours and comes ready-made. Simply measure your space, choose your HEX shell components, inserts, finish and fabrics. All surface materials can be customised to match your existing interior palette.

Once you have established all your details, a CGI front view mock-up will be created for your approval. Surface finishes and fabrics will be presented to you in a digital format and surface samples are available upon request.DesignInsiderIntarcDesignHEXConceptTo create HEX, Intarcdesign worked closely with Exubia and BCFA member Camira, who will help complete your bespoke design. If you wish to find out more about HEX or intarcdesign, why not request some more information?

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