The Modern Garden Company brings sun to The Angelica!

The Modern Garden Company, who are members of the BCFA, was involved in a sunshade project, maximising revenue and allowing restaurants and hotels to capture valuable outdoor space and utilise outdoor space all year round, maximising seating come rain or shine.

As a key restaurant within The Trinity Centre, Leeds, the Angelica restaurant required stylish and practical shades for the outdoor dining area.

Design Insider Modern Garden Company Leeds Sunshade Outside

Their boom motorised sails add a distinctive focal point to the terraces – high above the shopping floors, the booms elegantly fly in the city skies!

The Modern Garden Company used two 5.5m booms mounted on a single mast set into the terrace decking to minimise space demands and offer complete sun and rain protection where needed. The remote control closing and sophisticated flexing of the sail feels comfortable even on the gustiest of days.

Design Insider Modern Garden Company Leeds Sunshade Meeting

If your project has an outdoor area that requires shade, why not contact the Modern Garden Company? You can also let Design Insider know if you have felt inspired by this. The Modern Garden Company has completed several rooftop spaces with their furniture, which you can read here.

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