The Possible Impossible Pavilion at Clerkenwell Design Week

Architect Peter Morris, known for his visionary designs and acclaimed Grand Designs project “The Cloud House,” partnered with Artistic Statements to create The Possible Impossible Pavilion. This awe-inspiring architectural sculpture was showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, located outside at St James Church Park, next to the Crypt on the Green from Tuesday, May 21, to Thursday, May 23. The installation captivated audiences with its exploration of possibility and impossibility.

Peter Morris in partnership with Artistic Statements, The Possible Impossible Pavilion 

The Possible Impossible Pavilion challenged traditional construction methods by utilizing Build-Lite’s Stone-Coat material, an innovative ultra-light polystyrene-based imitation stone. This groundbreaking material allowed Morris to create a vibrant and joyful structure that would be costly and difficult to achieve using conventional building materials.

Renowned for his ability to blend sculptural shapes, color, and architectural design principles, Peter Morris created a testament to his creative vision with this installation. Commissioned for Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 in partnership with Build-Lite, this architectural sculpture delved into the concept of possibility and impossibility, reflecting the designer’s fascination with blurring the line between the two.

Peter Morris grew up in the Midlands with factory-worker parents, attending twelve secondary schools and leaving with almost no qualifications due to dyslexia. Despite these challenges, his passion for architecture led him to study at Plymouth University, where he graduated with a First, and then at the Royal College of Art, where he received his MA.

One of Morris’s remarkable achievements is The Cloud House, currently under construction in Gospel Oak, London. This unique and curvaceous building, being filmed for Grand Designs, showcases his creative prowess. The Cloud House incorporates the innovative use of Build-Lite’s Stone-Coat, an ultra-light polystyrene-based imitation stone material that can be shaped into arches and other intricate designs. Drawing inspiration from the eccentric Grade I listed St Martin’s Church opposite, The Cloud House brings a touch of flamboyance to its surroundings with its pink hue and duck egg blue metalwork, creating a striking contrast against the eclectic architecture of the area.

Peter Morris and Build-Lite joined forces once again to present The Possible Impossible Pavilion. This immersive installation pushed the boundaries of design and challenged preconceived notions of what is possible. Visitors to Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 had the opportunity to witness the fusion of art, architecture, and innovation first hand.

Peter Morris commented:

“This joyful sculpture is designed to celebrate the creation of the possible from the seemingly impossible. Doing whatever I can to make dreams come true, whether for my clients or for me and my family, has always been a guiding principle in my life. Stone-Coat is the perfect material to express that idea, as it allows exciting architectural shapes to be made at a fraction of the cost of real stone. I was thrilled to make this piece in collaboration with Build-Lite for Clerkenwell Design Week.”

Zoë Allen, Founder of Artistic Statements, added:

“Having been a fan of Peter’s work for some time, I’ve been positively itching to find an art installation project to showcase his extraordinary vision of ‘The Cloud House’. There could be no better place than the sunny surrounds of Clerkenwell Design Week to celebrate this incredible project; a place where the worlds of art, design, and architecture collide… much like the inside of Peter’s creative mind.”

Photography: Will Pryce

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