True Italian Experience Redefines Travel in Sustainable Style

Embarking on a journey of eco-conscious exploration, True Italian Experience takes center stage, unveiling a realm where sustainability meets travel seamlessly. In this realm, train travel emerges as a sustainable beacon, and their collaboration with Trenitalia marks a pivotal step towards a greener, more responsible approach to experiencing Italy’s timeless beauty.

Whether you’re a first-time explorer eager to unravel Italy’s hidden gems or a returning visitor captivated enough to plan a swift return, there’s a novel approach to travel now—sustainable, personalized, and suited to every whim.

Enter True Italian Experience, a cutting-edge digital platform revolutionizing travel and tourism bookings in Italy. It seamlessly amalgamates sustainable, authentic, and inclusive offerings, a product of collaboration with Trenitalia, the state-owned train company championing integrated, economical, reliable, and sustainable transportation.

In tandem with Trenitalia, the platform beckons tourists toward experiential packages related to train travel. Picture the FS Foundation’s historic trains, showcasing 1930s and 1950s locomotives gliding along timeless tracks, juxtaposed with the technological marvels of Intercity and Frecce regional trains.

True Italian Experience stands as a comprehensive aggregator for Italy’s tourism industry, spotlighting authentic, sustainable, and inclusive travel itineraries and experiences. Its contemporary e-commerce system not only facilitates the direct sale of individual experiences but also offers meticulously curated travel packages, bundling transportation and accommodation seamlessly.

Speaking of accommodation, a stellar lineup awaits, featuring renowned establishments like Star Hotels, Best Westerns, Continental, NH, and charming family-run boutique hotels.

So, how does it all come together?

First, choose between Experiences, Travel Packages, or DIY tours.

For a taste of the extraordinary, dive into the Experiences section. The unmissable highlight? A tour of the islands of Venice—wander through the island’s heart, admire the colourful houses of Burano, and savour the intricate craftsmanship of embroidery, lace, and crochet. After exploring the scenic streets, unwind with a traditional lunch. 

Opting for Travel Packages? Picture yourself spending Five days in the Cinque Terre. Enjoy the comfort of a 4-star hotel, a cosy double room, and breakfast. The Cinque Terre, perched between sky and sea, is a collection of five picturesque coastal villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. This romantic journey includes stays at Grande Alberto and Hotel Miramare in Sestri Levante.

And for the seasoned travellers, the DIY tours beckon—multi-day itineraries allowing you to craft a tailor-made journey through Italy, seamlessly complementing the experiences offered by True Italian Experience.

It’s time to pack your suitcase and embark on a truly immersive Italian adventure!


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