Unveiling the Power of Pattern: An Exclusive Design Insider Event

Design Insider is thrilled to announce our upcoming panel discussion in partnership with Newmor Wallcoverings, supported by Panaz and Print Pattern Archive.

This free talk event, titled “The Power of Pattern: What role can pattern design play in ‘new luxury’?” will be held on June 6th from 6 PM at the majestic Monastery in Manchester. Guests are invited to delve into the significant role of patterns in modern luxury, witness the launch of Newmor’s latest collection, and enjoy an evening of socialising with design professionals.

Luxury has historically been associated with exclusivity, but in today’s world the term luxury is subjective – it means different things to different people. Can pattern and design be inclusive, relevant, and accessible to all commercial sectors?

We invite all commercial designers to register for this event. Admission is free, offering an opportunity to gain insights into the nexus of pattern and luxury in contemporary spaces.

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Newmor Wallcoverings stands as the largest independent commercial wallcovering manufacturer in Britain. Under the stewardship of Managing Director David Johnston, Newmor prides itself on its commitment to British design and innovation.

“We are delighted to be hosting our first event with Design Insider, alongside Print Pattern Archive and Panaz. This event is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the evolving landscape of commercial interiors and the integral role of pattern,” says David Johnston.

The Power of Pattern: What role can pattern design play in ‘new luxury’?

Patterns do not just fill spaces; they create luxurious environments. “Clever use of pattern and colour are essential to creating memorable spaces that resonate and inspire, whether you’re designing for 5-star hotel, workplace, or healthcare care “ notes Rose Campbell, Head of Design and Marketing at Newmor. Her enthusiasm underscores the event’s aim to explore why these elements are pivotal components of commercial interior design.

Gilded Garden – A gilded cornucopia of lush botanical flora and fauna by Newmor Wallcoverings

Cheryl O’Meara agrees with Rose, sharing that “Pattern, colour and heritage are the heartbeats of transformative interiors, breathing life and narrative into spaces.”

Moderated by Alys Bryan, the Managing Editor at Design Insider, speakers include Rose Campbell from Newmor and Cheryl O’Meara from Print Pattern Archive.

The panel will delve into how pattern influences the perception of luxury through its impact, creative process, and inspiration, before discussing the evolution of iconic patterns, the blend of hand and digital techniques in crafting wallcoverings, and pattern’s ability to infuse luxury into hospitality spaces. This engaging discussion aims to uncover how patterns, alongside other design elements, create inviting interiors,  challenging traditional notions of luxury and anticipating its future direction.

Speaker Introductions

Rosanna Campbell, Head of Design and Marketing at Newmor Wallcoverings

Rosanna Campbell, Head of Design and Marketing at Newmor Wallcoverings, brings her extensive expertise in printed textiles and a vibrant passion for colour and pattern, having shaped visual narratives in the design industry for over two decades.

Cheryl O’Meara, Director at Print Pattern Archive

Cheryl O’Meara, Director at Print Pattern Archive has an unrivalled eye for heritage design with a contemporary twist. Her unique and exquisite private antique textile and wallpaper collection has been sought after by industry titans Alexander McQueen and Soho House as well as a list of global fashion and home brands.

Sarah Wakefield, Creative Director at Jolie

Sarah Wakefield, Creative Director at Jolie, is an enthusiastic, motivated & ambitious professional Creative Director with a wide range of experience in commercial & hospitality sectors. A real passion & commitment to creating exceptional environments that balance creativity with technical capability and function to exceed client expectations.

Alys Bryan, Managing Editor at Design Insider

Alys Bryan, Managing Editor at Design Insider, leads insightful dialogues and editorial leadership at Design Insider. With a background in furniture design and 20 years experience in design, she is an adept moderator for exploring important design topics.

Celebrating Our Supporters

Panaz has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality decorative fabrics for over three decades, emphasizing innovation and design excellence.

Print Pattern Archive offers a treasure trove of over 50,000 antique documents, providing endless inspiration for today’s designers.

Telegraph Contract Furniture is a family business run by Kim Pinnington and Alex Hurst offering clients an end-to-end service, incorporating high quality products, and a hands on project management process.

These collaborations underscore the rich tapestry of creativity that defines the industry.

Stay and socialise!

Post-discussion, attendees will have the chance to mingle, network, and discuss emerging trends within the industry. Panaz expresses enthusiasm for the gathering: “This event is a prime setting for strengthening bonds within the commercial design community, fostering new connections, and enriching existing ones.”

Don’t miss out on this unique event. Register now to secure your spot at “The Power of Pattern” and immerse yourself in the future of design and luxury.

We invite all commercial designers to register for this event. Admission is free, offering an opportunity to gain insights into the nexus of pattern and luxury in contemporary spaces. Click HERE


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