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Working with Bright 3D, Inside Out provided laid back furnishings for the distillery’s casual café where customers can sit and enjoy lunch or small bites, and a glass of the single malt whisky that Clydeside is famous for.

Further furnishings from the BCFA member can be found in the distillery’s tasting rooms, where they share a selection of their own brews and in their seminar rooms where both whisky and non-whisky related events take place year-round.

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The visitor experience was designed by Bright 3D and the Clydeside Distillery is the ultimate in whisky tourism for Glasgow’s visitors and locals alike. With the distillery itself offering tours, private dining and personalised events, they pride themselves on giving visitors the full Clydeside whisky experience.

The largest city in Scotland and once the hub of Scotland’s whisky production, distilleries slowly moved out of Glasgow to the Scottish Highlands. Clydeside is one of a kind in 21st century Glasgow, and is built in a traditional 19th century building as soft on the eye as the water which goes into the whisky they make.

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Glasgow’s first single malt whisky distillery in over 100 years, Clydeside Distillery sits proudly at the bank of the river Clyde within the old pump-house which used to control entry into Glasgow’s famous Queen’s Dock. Opened in 2017, the Distillery uses the pure soft water from nearby Loch Katrine, ensuring the whisky crafted in the distillery uses only the best local resources and ingredients at their disposal.

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