Winter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-Super-Mare

A beautiful and lavishly designed carpet has been installed in one of the South Wests leading venues by Wilton Carpets.

A woven Axminster carpet was created by Wilton Carpets at the Wiltshire based manufacturing based facilities. The Winter Gardens Pavilion is a stunning neo-Georgian building, first opening its doors in 1927. It was later taken over by Weston College to have a £15m renovation to become one of the largest venues of its kind in the area.

Professional carpet contractor, Rudge Brothers & James, called in Wilton Carpets for their extensive experience of traditional Axminster carpet manufacturing. wilton 2 webWilton Carpets turned to its library of historic designs for the Winter Gardens, proposing the intricate and opulent floral of Malabar as the ideal design to complement the building’s stunning interior. The pattern’s bold look has proven to work well within the Pavilion’s grand curved façade with its tall arching windows, columns and fine detailing.

Naomi Waterman, associate and head of interiors, AWW Inspired Environments, responsible for the design of the Winter Gardens Pavilion refurbishment, comments:

“The carpet design was led by the client, as they had a clear desire for a traditional, opulent pattern for which Malabar was perfect. We felt a single pattern throughout the Pavilion would lead to a more cohesive overall design, leaving the individual spaces open and flexible enough to cater for the varied functions taking place within the building.”

wilton 3 webAWW Inspired Environments proposed a colour scheme for the carpet centred around a royal blue base colour, influenced by Weston College’s brand identity and a historical colour analysis of the building’s era. With other colours to coordinate tones found within soft furnishings and curtains, the result is a carpet that is bright and modern, yet which references the building’s formidable history.

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