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Ferco have taken a design-led approach to lecture theatre seating with the new Apollo seating option…

Today’s educational environments are often required to support ‘active learning’. Student-centred and project-based learning models are replacing linear, more traditional instructor-based lessons. Innovative curriculum and methods are supported by future-fit learning spaces, which can also include technology integration.

Enhanced learning spaces have been proven to help with student engagement, higher levels of academic attainment and the development of employability skillsWBWS - Fixed Desk_SMALLER The Apollo is a design-led approach to providing practical, comfortable seats and desks, where maximisation of space and a striking aesthetic are the priority.

Ferco’s latest development on standard lecture theatre seating has allowed them to maximise comfort within the very limited dimensional constraints often available.APOLLO - WBCS Fixed Wooden Mod Panel copy webThe result of extensive research and development by Ferco’s in-house design team, the Apollo’s design incorporated feedback from students, lecturers, administrators, and estates and facilities managers. By re-thinking some old ideas, it has been possible to use modern manufacturing techniques to provide a highly customisable solution for bespoke lecture theatre projects.

The resulting collection includes options for a solid wooden seat, back and desk; completely upholstered seating; and fixed or tip-up writing ledges.The fixed or tip-up writing ledge allows for note taking, laptops or tablets, without students feeling cramped or encroaching in to their neighbour’s space.CBCS - Tip Up Dezk_SMALLERThe Apollo’s distinctive and unique backrest is ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort, whilst also functioning as a perfectly engineered stable support for the writing surface.

Ferco specialise in creating optimal educational environments and the Apollo is the latest addition to the lecture theatre seating range.

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