Designer Q&A: Lisa Haude of Paradigm Design Group

We recently took time to speak with co-founder of Paradigm Design Group Lisa Haude about her design ethos and her work on the recently completed Kansas City Airport Marriott.  As part of the tailored scheme designed by Lisa for this prestigious project BCFA member Brintons were specified to supply over 7,000 square yards of custom axminster carpets.


Can you introduce yourself and your firm?

My husband and I founded Paradigm Design Group 17 years ago because I knew I could offer a unique story for our clients and their hotels. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Baylor University and working in the industry since my Junior year in high school, I knew I had the passion and expertise to provide an award-winning design for them.

At Paradigm Design Group, we believe that every location has a distinctive look that can be achieved, and we are the painters to help achieve that look. Working collaboratively as a team, we masterfully weave together the region, history, and interesting tidbits for that location into a masterpiece that truly encompasses that city and location. While it can be challenging to create fun and refined designs while staying on-brand with such highly-regarded and well-known hotels, we love to push our creativity and implement something completely unique into all of our projects.

Additionally, we recently announced the introduction PDG Studios, our firm’s new boutique and lifestyle property design branch. We’re so looking forward to introducing our newest, boutique projects very soon!


So, how did this opportunity to transform the Kanas City Airport Marriott come about?

The owners had recently toured several newly renovated Marriott properties and fell in love with the transformation that occurred at the Marriott Waterfront hotel in Portland, OR. They inquired who the design firm was that completed the work and reached out to us to see how we could provide a dramatic renovation for them as well. We collaborated closely with their team from the beginning to ensure that common goals were achieved (raised ceilings, opening up site lines, engaging function and guest spaces). As a result, we captured the heart of the city and lifestyle that people expect to see when visiting this great town and we could not be happier with the end result.


What was the brief set by Marriott? and what were you first thoughts with this project?

After extensive research, we wanted to highlight the unique history of Kansas City. In designing this property, we embraced the Midwestern roots and heavy mid-century design (prairie house, usonian design, etc.) that was prevalent in the surrounding area. We also drew inspiration from the love of art throughout the city and wanted to highlight the time when Kansas City truly boomed as a city (1920s) by providing a subtle nod towards the Art Deco period.

Throughout the hotel, neutral gray tones were brightened up with bold pops of royal blue (a nod towards the Kansas City state bird, the Eastern Bluebird and the state’s favorite sports team, the Kansas City Royals), in addition to warm orange and rust tones, which we incorporated as a subtle nod towards the famous Kansas City BBQ and spices.

Additionally, strong architectural lines and geometric patterns were introduced. Walls were opened up to create light and airy spaces, large spans of windows were added to provide a better connection to the outdoors and the central stairwell was opened to achieve a floating stairwell that allows guests to see straight through from the front door to the back of the building, providing a beautiful view of the surrounding lake.

We also incorporated bold pieces of art and custom sculptural light fixtures to tie the space back to its artistic roots, which we feel pulled the final design together perfectly.


Now completed, what is your favourite part of the project?

I love every part of this project. It was such an amazing transformation from a dark and dreary space with low ceilings to something that is bright, open, airy and welcoming. If I had to choose, the bold artwork above the front desk and the sculptural lighting are some of my favourite pieces in the building.

What’s next?

We have so many exciting new projects on the boards right now – properties in Bozeman, Billings and Helena, MT, Redmond, WA, Sunnyvale, CA and Washington DC to name a few – all of which are unique and amazing transformations to come.


BCFA Member Brintons produce outstanding custom and stocked carpet solutions for the Commercial Market. The ultimate in wool rich woven Axminster and Wilton carpets and tiles, and hand tufted rugs.


Brintons collaborated with Paradigm Design Group to create approximately 7,000 square yards of custom axminster carpets for the corridors and public areas of the Kansas City Airport Marriott.   The custom carpets were all 8 row and 9 row specifications using 80% wool 20% nylon yarn blend and axminster construction throughout.

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