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Since 1983 we have redefined how commercial spaces can work, specialising in a range of high-quality upholstered products that bear all the hallmarks of intelligent design, engineering and craftsmanship. Over more recent years used what we learnt in upholstery and applied those skills to an array of products from sculptural mono shell chairs to architectural pod systems.

As an agile furniture design and manufacturing business we are driven by detail and achieve enviable quality by using the best quality materials and processes available. The Boss Design ethos forms products are at the forefront of design and feature first-class engineering and craftsmanship, with continuous, and extensive tooling investment, incorporating only the finest materials and processes.

Our ambition has always been to make exquisitely designed furniture, of excellent quality and quality and exemplary comfort. That we’ve achieved this is down to our people. Their ideas, skills, knowledge, endeavour, commitment, creativity – all very human notions – go into our all products and give our company its spirit. Technology is an important factor, but ultimately everything we make is shaped by human hands.

That focus on people continues in our relationships with customers – long-term friendships built on trust, communication, and respect. We listen to our customers and the people who use our furniture, continually improving our understanding of the workplace and learning about what people need and want in their day-to-day environment.

While it’s easy to say that Boss is all about making furniture – mere objects, it would seem – how people see, feel, and experience our products is central. Since day one, we’ve been driven by the desire to make things people want to use. Beautiful, well-designed, comfortable, functional, sustainable, long-lasting – these are the attributes of what we call human centric furniture.

Michael Holmes

Commercial Director

T: 01384 455570

F: 01384 241628

Boss Drive
West Midlands
United Kingdom

T: 01384 455570
F: 01384 241628

7 Clerkenwell Road
United Kingdom

T: 0207 253 0364

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