The Creative Space: Kirsty Pettengell, Designer for Edmund Bell

Our Creative Space feature continues with a space recommended by Edmund Bell designer, Kirsty Pettengell…

In this series we take inspiration from designers, and find out some of must-see spaces and places around the world.

Kirsty graduated with a degree in illustration and screen printing, her design career has cemented her passion for surface pattern.


Kirsty, Can you tell us about a space that has inspired you recently and why?

Whilst exploring the streets of Manchester with a friend who was visiting from India, we came across a billboard for the Nordic Craft & Design exhibition showing at the Manchester Art Gallery.

We both immediately thought this was of interest and had appetite for an exhibition, since we are both creative people and like good design.

Nordic design is the epitome of styles most commonly used today. Whether it be product, fashion, home décor or furniture, we as designers have used and been influenced by its house style and direction for good aesthetic functionally.Nordic-3 webIt represents design that has clear purpose, with commercial features, making it ideal for the home environments, work spaces, schools and public areas.nordic_hero_1-1210x454Situated on the 3rd floor of the art gallery, the exhibition takes the grandeur height of the room that is embellished in 1800 architrave, painted in Farrow & Ball paint with varnished wooden flooring making the space an art piece in itself.

Using most of the space which is reflective of Nordic design, were the colourful fashion textile drapes that hung from the lower columns. These designs capsulise the bold, colourful marks that are symbolic forms used in the ergonomic designs of the furniture, glass work and the fashion garments displayed around the room. Decorative, origami lighting adds elements of juxtaposed shapes, reflecting through the colourful glass and the soft curves of the ceramics below.nordic exhi webThe gallery space is an inspirational place for any designer and is well worth a visit.

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