The Creative Space: Remo Röntgen, CEO at Nya Nordiska

3 Hours outside of Berlin, our city focus this month is where Nya Nordiska are situated, we find out why this area is inspiring for them.

Remo Röntgen webOk. When I saw these pictures my jaw dropped! What a stunning place to work. I can see why CEO at Nya Nordiska, Remo Röntgen this rural part of northern Germany is so inspiring to him.

So Remo, Why is this area your creative space? 

One of the biggest advantages of our remote location of ‘Wendland’ is the following: Whenever I look for inspiration for our new designs, I just have to step out of my front door. We are so lucky to live and work in an area that offers us beautiful nature, tranquility and open spaces at once, at any time of year. In the fall, our forests turn into magnificently colourful landscapes, whilst, towards the winter, mist and frost cover our fields and meadows in white.

Wild geese and migratory birds stop here on their journey in the spring, offering a unique spectacle to the viewer. During this time, rivers and seas burst their banks and overflow wide areas. Then, when everything flourishes in summer, the birds sing their songs and the beavers rebuild their dams, nature yet again shows another side of itself. This ever-changing flow of nature, its new and recurring colours and shapes inspire me and our design team to create new ideas. Our home provides us with much space to free our minds and let our ideas flow.21 web

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